Free delivery for all orders over RSD 3,000
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1.1 General information
1.2 Fee and delivery terms
1.3 Delivery restrictions
1.4 Arranging delivery
1.5 Delivery time



1.1 General information

Inpharm Co. d.o.o. provides delivery service through a courier hired under a contract. Inpharm Co. d.o.o. has a signed cooperation agreement with D Express courier service (

The products ordered by the Customer will be delivered to the address specified when making the order.

The buyer ensures the presence of an adult at the address from the order, for the purpose of taking over the product. The courier service hired for delivery will contact the customer by phone on the day of delivery and then try to deliver the products twice.

After the delivery has been made, the Customer is obliged to sign a receipt. If the Customer decides not to sign the receipt, the delivery will be considered as rejected. Also, if the Customer is not available at the address for any reason, Inpharm Co. d.o.o. cannot take responsibility for the agreed delivery date.
Should the delivery be unsuccessful, the products will be returned to Inpharm Co. d.o.o., the Customer’s order cancelled, and the money returned to the Customer.

In order to get a refund, the Customer is obliged to contact Inpharm Co. d.o.o. by sending an e-mail to or by calling the phone number 011/3073-995 (Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm). After the phone call, it is necessary to submit the current account number to the e-mail

1.2 Fee and delivery terms
All customer orders that are placed through the website imply that the delivery service is an extra cost added to the agreed price of the product, i.e. the product price in the offer does not include the delivery price/price of shipment, which is at the Customer’s expense, except in case when the order amount exceeds 3,000 RSD, when the delivery is free of charge.

Inpharm Co. d.o.o. initiates the courier services upon confirmation of the order by the Customer. Inpharm Co. d.o.o. will endeavour to have all confirmed orders delivered within 48 hours. In case of orders placed on Fridays after 12.00 noon and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), delivery will be made as for the orders placed on Monday.

Delivery costs for the ordered goods up to the amount of 3,000 RSD are covered by the Customer. Delivery of the courier service is charged according to the following price list:

Weight of shipment Price in RSD VAT Total amount including  VAT
Up to 2kg  RSD        166.67 20%  RSD           200.00
2-5kg  RSD        291.67 20%  RSD           350.00
5-10kg  RSD        416.67 20%  RSD           500.00
10-20kg  RSD        525.00 20%  RSD           630.00
20-30kg  RSD        666.67 20%  RSD           800.00
30-50kg  RSD        833.37 20%  RSD        1,000.00
after 50kg every additional kilogram is charged extra  RSD          20.83 20%  RSD              25.00
Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.)  RSD          41.67 20%  RSD              50.00

If the Customer chooses to pay upon reciving good via cash, there is an additional cost for delivery, which refers to transferring cash to Internet Merchant, in the amount of 50 RSD (60 RSD including VAT).

If the Customer chooses payment by card or payment at the bank, the cost of transferring money is not included in the delivery.

The cost of the courier service is not included in the order amount and the Customer pays it directly to the courier when collecting the package. Payment to the courier is made exclusively in cash.

Delivery is free of charge for goods in the amount exceeding 3,000 dinars. Prices and delivery times refer to deliveries made on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. For all additional delivery related questions, you can contact us via e-mail: or by calling 011/3073-995 on weekdays from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

If the Customer does not receive the goods or the delivery notice within the expected period, he is obliged to inform Inpharm Co d.o.o. so that they would undertake further steps in terms of tracking the shipment or sending a new one to the address specified by the Customer.

1.3 Delivery restrictions
Delivery of ordered products may be suspended due to force majeure that Inpharm Co d.o.o. has no influence on, as well as due to actions or circumstances that could not have been foreseen including, but not limited to, e.g.: natural disasters, closed roads due to weather disasters, highway damage or roadworks, damages on a facility or installations, protests or public gatherings . In such cases Inpharm Co d.o.o. will make maximum effort to arrange a new delivery date with the customer.

1.4 Arranging delivery
The Customer is solely responsible for providing the opportunity for receiving the shipment at the address specified in the order. If the Customer is not able to receive the shipment in person, it is necessary to ensure that an adult is present. The courier service will not deliver products for which no receipt has been signed.

The Customer is obliged to inform Inpharm Co d.o.o., as soon as possible, about any possible difficulties regarding the receipt of goods. Inpharm Co d.o.o. will not be liable for any delays which are the result of the Customer’s oversight.

When the goods are delivered to the Customer or to the designated person for receipt of goods, the Customer becomes the owner of these products and is responsible for any subsequent damage, loss, or destruction thereof.

1.5 Delivery time

Inpharm Co d.o.o. will endeavour to have all confirmed orders delivered in the shortest time possible or 48 hours. In case of orders placed on Fridays after 12.00 noon and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), the delivery will be made as for Monday orders.

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